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In the St. George mountain in Switzerland, a place that has some of the oldest fossils on this planet, we have one of our vineyards, one of the few in the world to fall under the UNESCO heritage. Terraces with a special history that took us almost 15 years to bring it back to its original look, reconstructing the walls the same way our predecessors did, all by hand.

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A great passion for our land

One of our wines has printed on its label a map of our area in the 70’s, where there were more vineyards than houses. Now it’s the opposite. “Il Ticinòlogo” (The Ticinologist) is a nomenclature invented by us to describe those who feel attached to the land and in touch with its traditions. The inspiration came when one of the rented portions of land we used for our vineyards was replaced for building houses. And so our work to save at least the plant material which was still in good condition and certainly reusable, started.

Il Ticinòlogo

Our Wines

Working with different types of grapes, winemaking and aging we are able to offer a diverse range of both red, white and sparkling wines. Currently working to make our products even better, we are also preparing our new canteen, a space inside an ancient building that was constructed inside the mountain, where the temperature is always cool and steady, perfect for aging wine in wooden barrels.

Harvest 2020

Take part in our harvest and discover all the charm and work that make Ticino wines what they are!

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New collaboration!

Now you can also find our wines on sale on the WineBeer website, your official partner for quality and professionalism in the world of beer and wine.

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Harvest 2020

September 2020
Azienda Viticola Famiglia Betti, Rancate

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Open Cellars

29-30 August 2020
Azienda Viticola Famiglia Betti, Rancate

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Mendrisio sul ghiaccio

From November 29 to January 6, 2020
Piazzale alla Valle, Mendrisio

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Our history


In the beginning...

Name Betti, the grandfather, was a farmer. He raised animals, had a few horses that helped with the work, and cultivated the land.


Later on...

Name Betti, the father, worked as a gardener but continued with grandpa’s activity in his spare time. Eventually raising animals was too much work, but used to take care of some animals for other families, and so he grew a love for horses as he started to get more involved in this world. In 19XX he moved to Canada and that’s where he started horse riding as a professional, participating in competitions and even winning a world championship of horse jumping in 1975.


After that...

Returning to Switzerland with his two sons and his wife, Name Betti then started to work on his father’s lands land once again, and little by little what were corn fields and other cultures became vineyards. In 2008 he retired but he is still helps around, just like his wife, a teacher that now work mostly in the office.



Mike Betti started to run the family businesses when his father retired. Being born in Montreal but grew up right here, Mike returned to Canada for a few years where he studied and worked as an actor and then adventured himself in Japan and Spain, only to come back to Switzerland, just like his father.


For the future.

Pretty much all the land is dedicated to grape now and eventually all the fields could be transformed into vineyards. At the moment some of them are being occupied by corn and hay for the horses, that remain as a connection to the family. However, for the time-being, this is enough to handle.

We circled around the world, to than return right back where we started.

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  • info@mikeandgrape.com